Ativated Clay Disiccant

Secco Activated Clay Desiccant is a naturally occurring biodegradable material having adsorption capacity up to 50% of its own weight. The Clay is treated with certain chemicals & polymers and mixed with calcium chloride so as to enhance the adsorption capacity. In case of relative humidity more than 50% these bags are more effective. Further, we offer Activated Clay Container Desiccant at affordable prices.


  • Environment Friendly : It is safe, odorless, non toxic, non corrosive and easily regenerated.
  • Degradative : Since it is made from natural clay minerals it is 100% degradative.
  • Absorption Capacity : The adsorption rate is 50% higher than that of silica gel.
  • Cost : It is quite cheaper than silica gel yet very effective.
  • Duration : Protects products for much longer durations than silica gel.
  • Gases : Its molecular structure helps it to adsorb harmful & poisonous gases like formaldehyde, sulphide, etc.

Activated Clay Ingredient:

The main ingredient is naturelly occuring clay as Montomonoralite Clay which contains SiO2 , Al2O3 , Fe2O3 , Na2O, CaO , MgO and activated with inoraganic chloride

Specifications :

  • RH=20% ≥ : 16% at 25 C
  • RH=50% ≥ : 28%
  • RH=80% ≥ : 50%
  • RH=90% ≥   70%

Applications :

  • Electronics and Electrical Semi Conductors and Meters
  • Metal  and Bulk Chemical Products
  • Military Products Health Care Products
  • Precision Instruments Food Packaging
  • Machinery Equipments & Parts
  • Pharmaceuticals and  wood Furniture
  • Diagnostics Leather Goods
  • Agricultural Products Ware House
  • Textiles and Garmets
  • Shipping Container and Cargo Transport

Packing Material : Cotton Cloth, Tyvek , Non Woven Fabric , Composite Paper…

Pack Size Offered :   1gr , 2gr , 5gr,10gr,25gr,50gr,100gr, 1000gr,. Etc