Silica Gel

Silica Gel White  is used in protecting goods against excess moisture, which can promote the growth of mold, spoilage and corrosion. Silicon dioxide is the primary component of silica gel that is treated into a granular or beaded form. As a desiccant, silica gel has a strong affinity for water molecules.

It is also known as Non-Indicating White Silica Gel as it remains unchanged in appearance on adsorbing moisture. White Silica Gel is in the form of ivory-white semi-transparent round vitreous body or crystals with good absorption capacity but we cannot determine whether Silica gel has completely absorbed moisture or not. It has been confirmed that White Silica Gel causes no odor, toxin and pollution and is one of the most widely used damp proof agent in the world.

Silica gel with much larger average pore diameter and pore volume has exceptionally high absorption capacity at very high relative humidity only, it is not normally used as a desiccant but since it withstands liquid contact without fraction it is used as a guard material to remove entrained liquids from gas streams.

Indicator blue silica gel : We are one of the most successful manufacturer for  producing Indicating  silica gel which can be used in many applications where visual control of moisture is required, such as compressed air dryers, gas drying, breathers, for protection of non‐consumable packaged goods, drying and storage of flowers and seeds, etc.
Application :

1. Pharmacetuicals and Medicinal Equipments

2. Elecronic,Electrical and Computer Kits and Parts

3. Wood , Ferniture and Leather Shoes and Bags

4. Dried foods and Coffee and Tea Packings

5. Food , Medicine and Other Food Products

6. Instruments and Meter Apparatus

7. Optical Materials and Valuable goods….

Specifications : 

1.Higher moisture absorption capacity and high Porosity

2.Chemically inert , non-toxic and dust free product

3.Remains dry and free flowing material

4 Total product Purity- 99.9 % as Content SiO2

5.Water Absorption Capacity is 34-36% at 90% RH

Packing :  1 gr ,2gr , 5gr, 10gr , 50gr,100gr ,1000gr ,2000gr packing available in Cotton Paper / Non Woven Fabric / PE /OPP/Tyvek / Composite paper…

25 Kg HDPE Bags with double polythene lined.

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